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Cyber Paradise’s Early Demo Reviews

“Extreme Hack-and-Slash Pleasure. (translated)(link)


engaging gameplay with an emotionally charged narrative(link)

– Rectify Gaming

“A Heartfelt Roguelike Adventure.(link)

– Gyepi (Streamer)

 “I really love the art and storytelling of the game, how it combines emotional and funny etc” (link)

– Wolfintank (Streamer)

“You can pet the dog!” (link)

– Qualbert

Lighting is just as striking, with many neon colours reflecting off of surfaces just beautifully.(link)

Checkpoint Gaming

Cyber Paradise

Title: Cyber Paradise

Target Release & Platforms: 2025 (Steam – PC & Mac, Switch)

Genre: Action Roguelite, Story-rich, Adventure, Strategy

Steam Page:

Kickstarter link:

Languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese

Game Developer: DDmeow Games

Contact: (Eng), (Chi)

Keywords: Action Roguelite, Adventure, Story-Rich, Deckbuilding, Cyberpunk, RPG, Emotional, Atmospheric, Strategy, Dystopian, Female Protagonist, 2D, Funny, Dog


Revive Mini the Dog digitally through 2D roguelite actions; craft her cyber paradise with beloved moments, like sniffing dog butts XD. Uncover a deeper dystopian narrative and strengthen friendships in cafe chats—a frenetic yet cozy journey.

Heartfelt Yet Funny Narrative:

  • A journey to collect memories of Mini, a beloved, deceased cafe dog.
  • Gather memories for Mini’s digital revival, crafting her favourites like ‘doggie butt to sniff’ in her cyber paradise.
  • Chat and bond with the dog’s friends at Mini’s cafe, or
  • “Accidentally overhear” their chatter for some intriguing insights.
  • Witness Mini’s friends’ backstories and unravel mysteries in a dystopian cyberpunk world through collected memories from a dog’s POV.

Strategic Actions Deckbuilding:

  • Real-time 2d action combined with deck-building.
  • Defeating enemies spawns ability-granting cards.
  • Collect as many cards as desired, but:
  • Game difficulty scales with deck size.
  • Enemies can pick up and use the same cards against you.
  • Strategically rearranging card sequences significantly scales abilities.
  • A well-managed deck can exponentially enhance your prowess.
  • Pet your dog to parry attacks.

Other Features:

  • Random level generation.
  • Fast-paced combats.
  • Tight control.
  • Weapons Selection – melee and ranged.
  • Dynamic rim lighting on 2D-pixel sprites.

In the not-so-distant future, reality as we know it has been unmasked – our world is nothing more than a computer simulation. Every aspect of life, from our appearance and possessions, to our thoughts and experiences, is pre-determined by algorithms. When we die, we are simply deleted; our life data fragmented and discarded into a digital wasteland known as The Lost Sector. There is no heaven or hell, just cold digits.

Yet, amidst the bleakness of this discovery, you seize the opportunity and turn it into a business. Catering to those still yearning for hope, you establish Cyber Paradise. This service navigates the desolate corners of The Lost Sector to recover fragments of the dearly departed, reassembling them within the warmth of a digital sanctuary, a personal paradise sculpted from ones and zeros.

You take on the role of Hayley, a skilled hacker-warrior, and team up with her dog DDmeow on this captivating adventure. Vanquish creatures manifested by the deceased’s fear and sorrow; delve into the rich narratives of your clients’ pasts, and form connections within the café that serves as your clandestine base. There, amid the hustle and bustle of Samuel’s customers, you catch a glimpse of this dystopian world through their shared stories.

In the first episode, you bear witness to the touching tale of your initial client – Mini, a dog whose recent passing leaves behind a grieving human companion, Samuel. Embark on this journey to piece together the digital remnants of Mini’s life and create for her a serene Cyber Paradise.

Demo progress: Mechanic 95% / Content: 70% / Optimization: 20% / Graphic 750% / UI 60% / combat balancing 10%

Future Plans:

Cyber Paradise is planned as a trilogy. The current project is the first episode. Each episode will feature a new deceased client that Hayley needs to save. In this first episode, the focus is on the beloved dog, Mini. Subsequent episodes may be released as either DLCs or entirely new games.

Target Release Episode Title Acts

2025 (Steam & Switch)

1 (current game) Cyber Paradise: Longing

Act 1: Stray

Act 2: Hand in Hand

Act 3: [spoiler]

2026 / 2027 2 (as DLC OR new game) Cyber Paradise: Oblivion 3 acts in total
2027 / 2028 / 2028 3 (as DLC OR new game) Cyber Paradise: [spolier] 3 acts in total

Mechanics: Dead Cells, Hades, Hollow Knight, Slay the Spire, Inscryption

Narrative: VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, To the Moon, Spiritfarer 

Art: Blueeye Norton, Katana Zero

Dog: Nine Nine (our own dog)

In celebrating the return of Mini the Dog, the Cyber Paradise demo includes a special collaboration with 5 games. This crossover will happen at the end of demo, giving players a chance to pet/eat/interact with all the animals and food from the participating games’ worlds as part of the festivities.

List of games:

A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986: A visual novel set in a vibrant 1980s Hong Kong, exploring the romance between two women against a backdrop of retro art and fashion.

Omi Oh My AI: Embark on a Captchavating adventure with Omi the dog loving AI, solve over 100 unique puzzles, and learn to see the world the way AI do.

Red Rebellion: A sapphic yuri fairy tale mashup as Robin Hood teams up with Red Riding Hood to save their village in this historical fantasy.

Doggy Don’t Care: Unleash adorable chaos as a mischievous pup left at home alone!

Foodomina: Narrative Driven, Sci-Fi Food Themed Pixel RPG where you play as two cute food girls and battle… MOLD! Or maybe not?

Melbourne International Games Week Steam Festival (Online 2023)

PAX Aus (Melbourne, Australia 6-8 Oct 2023)

Gamescom Asia (Singapore, 19-22 Oct 2023)

SXSW’s Queer Creators Showcase (Sydney, Australia, 21 Oct 2023)

MAGI EXPO (Melbourne, Australia, 9 Nov 2023)

Dreamhack Beyond Indie Showcase (Online, 15 – 17 Dec, 2023)

Taipei Game Show 2024 (Taipei, Taiwan, 25-28 Jan 2024)

DevGAMM Gdansk’24 Online Game EXPO (28-29 Feb 2024)

Indie Blast 2024 Lviv (Online, 29 Feb – 3 March 2024)

Women’s Day Steam Sale (Online, 1-10 March 2024)

Colors of Indie Steam Event (Online, 6-13 March 2024)

The Ultimate Aussie Indie Game Showcase (Online, 8 May 2024)

Women-Led Games Steam Sale (Online, 8-15, June 2024)

[To Be Announced] (Online, 22-29 July 2024)

[To Be Announced] (Asia, July 2024)



45 media coverages since the game page announcement in July 2023:


News (2024 Q2):

Game Demo Launch / Taipei Game Show (2024 Q1):

PAX Aus / Gamescom Asia (2023 Q4):

Game Page Launch News (2023 Q3):


Briefly Mentioned:

DDmeow Games is a wife-wife game dev team dedicated to making weird, fun, and story-rich games. One member is from Hong Kong and the other from Taiwan; they are now based in Melbourne. The duo had been creating animations for clients for over 10 years before deciding to pursue their game dev dream.

Their first game, Psycho Bathroom, has received over 100 very positive reviews on Steam and is described as weird, funny, yet emotional. They are currently crafting Cyber Paradise, an action roguelite game about reviving a dog digitally.

The game has won 7 awards, received 4 nominations, and has been featured at numerous online and offline festivals, exhibitions, and showcases. Since its game page announcement in July 2023, Cyber Paradise has garnered 45 media coverages, with 4Gamer describing it as “Extreme Hack-and-Slash Pleasure” (translated). More info.

Contact: (Eng), (Chi)

Game credits: Link

Left: Uly (She/Her), right: Sze (She/Her)

  • The alpha demo had been streamed and playtested over 100 times within 5 months, leading to over 100 updates before the public launch.
  • The demo was launched as an open alpha with WIP features, aiming for wider playtesting to further improve the game.
  • The game was pirated before the launch of the demo.

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