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Cyber Paradise

Target Release: 2024 

Platform: Steam (PC for sure, hopefully Mac too if possible)

Kickstarter launch: End of 2023

Steam Page:

Kickstarter link:

Game Developer: DDmeow Games

Game Description:

Cyber Paradise – Fight in a 2D action roguelite world where forgotten memories of the departed linger. Scavenge through digital echoes and mend lost souls; Between fights, unwind in Mini’s cafe, where tales unfurl and bonds form.

Story Background:

In the not-so-distant future, reality as we know it has been unmasked – our world is nothing more than a computer simulation. Every aspect of life, from our appearance and possessions, to our thoughts and experiences, is pre-determined by algorithms. When we die, we are simply deleted; our life data fragmented and discarded into a digital wasteland known as The Lost Sector. There is no heaven or hell, just cold digits.

Yet, amidst the bleakness of this discovery, you seize the opportunity and turn it into a business. Catering to those still yearning for hope, you establish Cyber Paradise. This service navigates the desolate corners of The Lost Sector to recover fragments of the dearly departed, reassembling them within the warmth of a digital sanctuary, a personal paradise sculpted from ones and zeros.

You take on the role of Hayley, a skilled hacker-warrior, and team up with her dog DDmeow on this captivating adventure. Vanquish creatures manifested by the deceased’s fear and sorrow; delve into the rich narratives of your clients’ pasts, and form connections within the café that serves as your clandestine base. There, amid the hustle and bustle of Samuel’s customers, you catch a glimpse of this dystopian world through their shared stories.

In the first episode, you bear witness to the touching tale of your initial client – Mini, a dog whose recent passing leaves behind a grieving human companion, Samuel. Embark on this journey to piece together the digital remnants of Mini’s life and create for her a serene Cyber Paradise.

About Us:

A wife-wife gamedev team. One from Hong Kong, one from Taiwan, now in Melbourne. More

Upcoming Exhibitions:

PAX Aus (Australia 6-8 Oct 2023)

Steam Next Fest (Global, 9-16 Oct 2023 )

Gamescom Asia (Singapore, 19-22 Oct, 2023)

Media Features:

4gamer (Japan)

GNN (Taiwan)

PChome (Taiwan)

ali213 (China)

3DMGame (Beijing)

Gamebase (Taiwan)

Gamers Global (Germany)

9game (Guangzhou)

Syndicate Y (Australia)

MMO30 (Russia)

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